Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Silver Sun
Illuminating the Splendor of the Silent Screen
Presented by COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art
May 2009, VARIOUS Weekdays, Saturdays & Sundays, noon-5 PM, FREE

featuring FREE PREMIERE viewings of
new stained glass sculpture by Scotland-based artist
Emma Butler-Cole Aiken
new silent documentaries in
Minutopia new actualities for a new world
new artist-designed slideshows with LIVE chamber music in
Magic Lantern
Silver Sun developed and curated by Elliot Lessing
Minutopia developed with Ellen Lake

Silver Sun: Illuminating the Splendor of the Silent Screen is a placemaking art project that celebrates the power and magic of Silent Film
Set within the rustic charms of San Francisco's green and urban outdoor spaces, visitors of all ages will explore the richness of silent cinema in an entirely new way. Through a robust collaboration with COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art, Scotland-based artist Emma Butler-Cole Aiken is creating a fascinating stained glass sculpture designed to celebrate the rich history of silent film while highlighting the California landscape as a natural hub of meditative beauty and healing quietude. Project and city visitors are invited to wander through and around the sculpture’s arch-shaped design – exploring its nuances as a beacon for contemplation and study. Phantasmagoric images and iconic moments from the golden age of silent screen are reflected in dark hues that are richly innovative for the stained glass genre. Much like film technology, the stained glass imagery is brilliantly illuminated by the sun, stimulating dialogue and wonder about film art, sculptural form, and natural beauty
Silver Sun’s innovative film programming includes
Minutopia new actualities for a new world. With a modern spin on the nickelodeons of yesteryear, visitors will view free ongoing screenings of new minute-long silent documentaries by local and global artists via a nomadic viewing port designed by a Bay Area artisan. Spanning back to cinema’s proto-film history, our program also includes a premiere performance event called Magic Lantern, featuring a new series of artist-designed slideshow projections presented with an evocative soundtrack performed live by San Francisco’s finest musicians. Free artist-designed info brochures will offer insights into the Silent Film history, Silver Sun, and the vibrant connections linking nature and art. Free all-ages workshops, talks or presentations from local film groups, stained glass societies, homegrown film enthusiasts, and our lead visiting artist will deepen the educational and community-building dimensions built into the project. And Discovery Tours of San Francisco's unique open spaces will highlight Silver Sun as a holistic cultural experience that is both timely and unique
Through a refreshing fusion of art, technology, and nature, Silver Sun quietly unveils a captivating new world of fresh possibilities for film and outdoor spaces, while casting a prismatic light onto the timeless wonders of cinema's golden legacy!