Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Liberty Bell

My research for Silver Sun brings me to all manner of "places" within my experience and my psyche, reminding me of the richness one can tap into when developing a project full of unknowns. Today, I remember the impact Luis Bunuel had on me ala his most hilarious autobiography, "My Last Sigh", when I read it, oh... about 20 years ago. What a fun read for anyone interested in Film, Surealism, and Freedom. Speaking of which, I'm certain my research will require me to revisit his filmic tour-de-force, "Un Chien andalou" (1929, Bunuel/Dali). I viewed this outrageous masterpiece, oh, about a dozen times in my late teens/early 20's via the many midnight screenings at various film arthouses in LA, my hometown. The slice through the eye, the crawling ants, the decaying cows in the pianos, the characters (and audience!) inexplicably locked into situations that followed a jagged unknowable logic -- a filmic realm of hidden desires and mindbending juxtopositions. To view this film is to take part in a strange liberation of the senses!

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