Friday, February 22, 2008


Moving steadily on the project details for Silver Sun, as Emma works on some design solutions. Soon, we'll have a full project summary in place, a call for *new* silent film submissions for program inclusion, a budget proposal, and some design renderings from Emma.
My research continues forth, and much of it involves simply immersing myself in the subject matter -- visually, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. Sometimes, I end up connecting some dots to my personal past. Such as the time I saw a re-release of "Wings" as a kid at a theater in Torrence, California, w. live organ music. Or seeing "M" for the first time as a teen starring the magnetic yet lurid Peter Lorre, or "Metropolis" (also by Fritz Lang), w. its inspired retro-futuristic sets.

I have not seen many silent films. So, like many of my projects, Silver Sun is an opportunity for me to grow and learn... as I hope it will be for everybody involved.

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